Friday, August 22, 2008

LCWblog Movie Review: The Cheetah Girls One World

LCWblog Movie Review: The Cheetah Girls One World.

The Cheetah Girls One World movie just premiered on The Disney Channel and now I'm gonna put my 2-Cents in!

In the beginning of the movie, I felt it was so rushed. How they auditioned and got to India, there was also a lot of songs in the beginning. In the first 10 minutes, 2 numbers were already performed, and in the first 30 minutes, 4 songs were performed. The beginning also felt like TCG2; especially Dig A Little Deeper, it reminded me of Strut.

The music was amazing, even though it felt like they were too close together. My favorite musical scenes are Fly Away, What If, I'm The One, No Place Like Us, and Cheetah Love. Each girl did amazing.

The acting from the girls definitely stepped up. Adrienne always did amazing at acting, but I felt Kiely has improved 110%! I enjoyed how they matured from the first and second movie. Sabrina's character kind of reminded me of Galleria in TCG2. Being left out and all. Also, the acting from the boys were good as well. Michael, who played Vik, will be appearing in 90210, the new CW series, he did a good job playing Adrienne's love interest. I was most surprised by Kunal Sharma's character, Kevin / Amar, who played Kiely's love interest and the "tech boy". He's a really great actor.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie after all the cluttered music numbers in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of them, and they did an amazing job, I just didn't like how they were so close to each other. Once they got to the acting, that's when I enjoyed myself. Especially before I'm The One, when the girls are getting all testy with each other. If there were to be another movie, it would be hard to link back to this movie and TCG2. Will Amar be going to college with Aqua? Will Joaquin call Sabrina back? What happens after the Bollywood movie is shot? I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. Good job girls, it was a great movie. I just wish it had a longer run time. I was also wondering where Kiely's kiss scene went. Hopefully the DVD will be PACKED with extras, such as Feels Like Love music video, deleted scenes, and perhaps music videos for Crazy On The Dance Floor, Stand Up, and Circle Game?
I really hope the DVD doesn't let us down.

What did you think about the movie? What were your favorite scenes / musical scenes? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about the movie!


Matt said...

I was dissapointed by the whole thing. The musical numbers were cluttered, the storyline was lacking, the girls acting wasn't up par like the last two movie. The whole thing was rushed. Galleria was mentioned once and never again, not a phone call, or text nothing. The one thing I enjoyed was the "Dance me if you can" dance off. Adrienne looked great though, but it looked the script was written by an high school student. I expected more. I did love the color in their costumes and the whole feel they gave india.

Melaniee said...

I agree with your review and also 'Matt'. It was to rushed but I did feel like I got to know Aqua way more now then the past two movies, She stood out more finally. I also felt like Dorinda stood out more also. It was nice to see them standing out separately in the movie for once instead of being all together because you learn more about them.

I think it was better without Raven's character, I think it would have been more cluttered with her in it but this movie seemed allot shorter then the pas ones and I didn't like how they ended the movie at all.

Anonymous said...

I Love the movie the one yet my fave song was cheetah love everything was right,the only thing did not was it was kinda fast but overall it was a amazing movie with great songs!

Kate said...

all i have to say is that i love that movie my fave parts was they sing im the one and dance me if u can,i love it in one word I lOve It!

Anonymous said...

no it wouldnt of been more cluttered with ravens character because they would've wrote her a script. what i didnt like was when they only mentioned raven once as well , it was like they didnt need her. even thoe they had their problems off screen its still a movie they could've atleast act like they missed her and the only reason kiely and sabrina stood out more was bcuhz raven wasnt in there which is good i felt that they did more singing then talking so it felt as if the story wasnt strong enough adrienne seemed like she was trying to hard like extra dramatic but she did good im not knocking her. i liked sabrina because she seemed more real ,kiely did amazing too. their outfits were hot gave me some ideas for school but the fourth one galleria should be in it r it just wont make any sense thats if they're having a fourth one

LaLa said...


Teshika said...

i definitely enjoyed the acting..and i liked a couple of the songs that they sang. they did a good job. i just feel like there was some important things left you said..seemed a little rushed.